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Welcome to Journey to Become.  So glad you landed here!

I have an amazing, very handy and talented husband, and 4 cool kids and we live in the high desert.  I love hiking, especially seeing the many National parks and wonderful trails of Utah, the state I call home.  I am a guitar instructor, love music- especially learning to play others' songs and it especially fills my heart to learn to play songs with my kids on their various instruments.  

My health is very important to me.  Seeing as it can make or break one's quality of life, it is important to me to take good care of my body through healthy eating and regular exercise.  I desire to help others improve their mental, physical and spiritual health. 


I am passionate about self improvement and working (mid journey!) to live up to my highest potential, and  helping others to do the same. I’m a checklist person. I love to track things and create systems and to see the things I achieve. I'm always trying to improve in some area of my life. I feel like most people are. More recently, I have learned to increase the size of my goals. I have learned that I have a much higher capability to become the person I want to become and make a difference in the world more than I ever thought possible. It's a huge undertaking but I have felt the call to stop living small. It doesn't serve anyone.

My whole life and who I am has been influenced by things of a spiritual nature. All things in my life point to God- I hardly know how to express myself without chalking up most of what I know and understand to my spiritual connection, which helps me to identify truth. I have read and continue to study books and people that help me have a growth mindset and an understanding of the power of our brains and our thinking.

I hope the things I share here will benefit your life and will help you grow as a person as you embark on your JOURNEY to BECOME... whoever and whatever you desire.


Thanks for submitting!

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