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  • Elisa Brazell


Last year at this time, a renowned heart surgeon and religious leader, Russell M. Nelson, prepared the world for several days to hear his "fast-acting and long-lasting remedy for overcoming emotional struggle" which he would share on

11/20/20 at 11:00 AM in an 11-minute video.

Think there's any significance to those numbers? I'm not sure but it seems like there's something to it. Anyway... here's his remedy:

The full prayer offered Friday by President Nelson:


“Our Father in Heaven, as fellow passengers on Thy planet earth, we humbly pray unto Thee. We thank Thee for life and all that sustains life. We thank Thee for the beauties of the earth, for order in the universe, the planets, stars and all things of eternal significance. We thank Thee for Thy laws that protect and guide us. We thank Thee for Thy mercy and loving watchcare. We thank Thee for our families and loved ones who fill our lives with joy. “We are grateful for all who are striving to combat the COVID pandemic. Please bless them with protection and inspiration. Wilt Thou help us end this virus that has plagued so many of Thy children. We thank Thee for the leaders of nations and others who strive to lift us. We pray for relief from political strife. Wilt Thou bless us with a healing spirit that unites us despite our differences. Wilt Thou also help us repent from selfishness, unkindness, pride, and prejudice of any kind so that we can better serve and love one another as brothers and sisters and as Thy grateful children. We love Thee, our dear Father, and pray for Thy blessings upon us in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, amen.


Beautiful. 😍

It seems some people in the world do not see the point of being grateful, as in this article from last year at Thanksgiving time, You have permission to not be thankful this Thanksgiving. 😥

We are living in a time when some of the most rudimentary principles such as civility, gratitude, freedom of thought, choice and speech are being challenged.

We must be active and consciously choosing to practice gratitude. The power of gratitude is tangible. I believe it is a law with a consequence. It is one of the steps of the process of creation... of creating miracles in our lives.

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