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Do you know what it is you're being called to do? Everyone's story is unique. Some people have their whole life's mission dawn on them all at once, quit their job and get to work... But most people... who realize they have a purpose in this life... have that come to them bit by bit, over time. They go through a journey to figure that out.

I found that I really had to fight for that clarity on exactly what my mission was and how I was to carry it out. In fact, I'm still seeking clarity.

It comes when I allow myself to ask God and listen.

It comes line upon line. Precept upon precept. Here a little, there a little.

It comes when I least expect it sometimes. Hardly ever just after I've asked in prayer. Almost always when my body's busy but my mind isn't...Or at least, when it's not too busy for a few seeds to be planted by God.

You know what else I've learned about gaining clarity on my mission? I would never have figured it out by sitting still and thinking about it. My mission, of supporting others on their journey to becoming who they are meant to be and fulfilling their purpose by creating their beautiful life with God, came to me over the course of 3 years of consistent prayer and work on the things I've been feeling led to work on.

And wow!! I just looked down at the date on my computer and at the time of writing this, it was on this day EXACTLY 3 years ago, that I made an inspired move that started me on this mission. That's a story for another day. This anniversary of my "mission", of living my purpose, feels important! Like it is marking the beginning of something great that is to come of my efforts.

But let's go back to HOW the clarity of my mission came to me by taking ACTION.

When I felt led to do something, whether it was to post a certain thing on social media, or learn a new aspect of building part of my webpage, or anything else, that action often led to another connection that was important to my growth. For example, a social media post connected me to a certain person commenting who shared something that gave me direction; or learning something about website design brought me to another tiny little detail that would help me get more specific in my approach. There are countless examples of actions I have taken which I could trace to something that I needed in my particular message or mechanics of getting that message out to people like you, people who are also being called to live a more meaningful life.

If this message is catching you at the beginning of realizing you have a mission to fulfill and you are working to gain clarity as well, I encourage you to take the time to pray and ask God to guide you and to place those pieces in your path.


On another note, do you ever think about your responsibility in helping others find their missions?

Life is fleeting. One minute...almost 18 years ago, I'm holding my first daughter in my arms, the next it seems, she's receiving her high school diploma, and about to head off to start a life of her own. 😊😲😭

I am so grateful I saw my role as mother from the very beginning as one of my life's greatest missions. I imagine many parents see parenthood in the same way.

I believe we have multiple missions to fulfill in our lifetimes. But I also think there are often just ONE or a few BIG ones, which feel like we've been prepared our whole life to fulfill. In addition to parenthood, I've just recently become pretty clear on mine. And it is the most incredible feeling and experience to see the pieces all drop into place setting the stage for that.

Every child has innate skills and talents that will help them throughout life to serve and bless the lives of others in some way. Now that my oldest daughter is about to go off on her own, I fear that I didn't put as much emphasis on helping her discover her mission(s) as I now know I want to. There's still time 😉

It is my resolve that I will talk more about this with each of my kids and truly help them discover their particular gifts and talents and ultimately guide them to discover what they were sent here to Earth by their Heavenly Father to accomplish.

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