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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We've all had those challenges that feel like an impossible mountain in our path. We struggle to know just how we are going to get through it, over it, around it.

Someone close to me suffers from excruciating chronic neuropathy pain in her feet and legs. She is mostly bedridden because of it. Some days it is just beyond her capabilities to manage. It is too excruciating.

I just can’t imagine. And I am so sad she and others are experiencing this kind of pain.

We all have those mountains that have/are/will cause pain in our lives.

Just when it might seem like having faith and hope is pointless, a lost cause or something you’ve tried over years without success, I want to urge you to hold on to that flicker. Or reignite if you need to.


Faith is a tricky concept. With it, we hear we can move mountains.

Do you have chronic pain or health problems, or another mountain that seems immovable?

Do you feel like you have applied faith all these months, years or however long you have struggled with it? If you are an active Christian, I know you have. You have had hope in Christ. You've seen improvement here and there, little twinges of hope, enough to keep you holding on, but nothing seems to be changing or improving on a macro level.

Through my faith, and on my journey to become the person I desire to become, I have been led to a deeper understanding of how we can actually move these mountains- how we can create miracles with God, with the caveats of course, “In His timing” and “according to His will”. But if you’re close enough to the spirit, you can get on the same page with Him and understand them both for you and your mountain.

Here is what I know about the kind of faith

that moves mountains:

  1. It is an action word. It is not just a feeling or merely a belief.

  2. Faith is a law. If we do it right, then it produces results at the time that is just right for us- our learning and our circumstances.

  3. Faith works with other attributes to produce miracles. There is a pattern you can follow that I KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT moves mountains. I have proof and many others have proof.

Some mountains are much bigger than others. Yours may be one of those. Though I am still seeking to understand more about God’s timing and how it works with the law of faith and the pattern I have come to learn and follow, one thing I know is the only way it will work is if you truly believe you WILL receive the desire you are seeking, and that you don’t let the time it might take discourage you or dampen your belief. You must align yourself with God’s will. You must believe and have the hope your mountain will move when it is supposed to move when you have learned what you need to through it- when it has accomplished what God intends it to do for your spirit.

I am in the process of creating a way to teach this pattern of


to other Christians, and am excited to share it with you as soon as it's created! You will have VIP access and will be the first to be notified if you are subscribed to my email list.

Until I am able to share that, do yourself a huge favor and participate in the very thing that helped everything I had been studying for years about creating the life we desire through prayer, faith, coupled with additional attributes come together for me.

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