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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

From Highways to dirt roads, we can accomplish goals and make changes in our life by understanding Neuroplasticity.

I’ve been learning from an incredible mentor, Kirk Duncan and I appreciate him opening my mind to understanding the way the mind works. It’s so powerful! I love the physical changes he and his wife Kim made as they learned how to change the way they think.

Neuroplasticity: "The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

🔸Our thoughts (conscious or subconscious/current or past) determine how our lives go.

🔸We CAN change patterns and habits we’ve had our whole lives. Not easy, but possible. And I’m putting that to the test now with my #90daychallenge #goals THANK YOU🙏#kirkduncan

The workings of the brain and goal achievement.

The neuroscience of HOW to achieve goals is fascinating. In case this is new to you, here's the rundown:

Our old bad habits are well- worn rutted neural pathways.

To create new ones moving towards the goal we have set for ourselves, we need to establish different habits and consistently repeat until the path is worn.

Knowing that is the easy part. Doing it is a different story. I've been very motivated to achieve these long sought after goals:

1. stopping my skin and nail picking habit* of over 30 years

2. Creating a healthier belief surrounding money and allowing myself (on a subconscious level) to believe that I can double my income, (and not take on any extra work)

*At the time of this post, I'm proud to announce that a lifetime of nail biting and picking was eradicated when I just made the goal and decided to change my nail care habit. When I keep them manicured, I don't pick at them. Through the course of this 90 day challenge, I have started a new neural pathway that began as a dirt road, and with a manicure every week or two, have worn that road in until it's a paved road. Picking my skin is another story Still truckin' along on the bumpy dirt road on that one.

In this Ted Talk Dr. Lara Boyd goes over examples and into depth on the subject of neuroplasticity. Very interesting!

An AWESOME resource that I’ve been using over the past couple of months that I truly believe is one of the best ways to create those new well worn neural pathways and I wanted to share it! I know all of us have habits we want to break 🚫and we want to make positive changes in our lives! 👍

➡️ #Kirkduncan created this Mind Bullies and Power Statements worksheet. I prefer using a notebook so I can write my lies on the right side 4and rip them off and toss them. (see Picture below)

1. Simply write any negative statement that comes to your mind, especially those talking you out of your goals. This could be - your subconscious/ brain filter trying to protect you from new, scary things - things other people would say or are saying -whisperings from the devil 👿 trying to pull you down

2. ✨Turn it into what your soul and spirit really desire to make you a better person. That will be your Power Statement. Say it 3 times. I go back and read my old ones periodically to remind myself of my desires and goals. I do 1-5 statements a day- I try to catch negative thoughts before I can start believing them.

3. Rip off the Mind Bullies side, crumple it up and toss it. Those lies are released and gone, replaced with Power statements.

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👉 What super hard goals are you working on? Dare to share??

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