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  • Elisa Brazell


Have you ever realized after the fact, that God answered a question you had previously asked but had forgotten you asked it? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜…

Over the holidays, God took me on this massive

treasure hunt for knowledge and understanding and it is quite a wonder to see all the steps now that I look back on it.

In October, a bible history video series gave me a burning desire to learn about a particular subject in one of the videos. I won't share the specifics, but it was a subject I knew very little about but felt a tug to learn everything I could. Oddly enough, I realized I actually owned a book on the subject. It was one my dad had unloaded on me from his thrift store donation pile about 5 years prior. I have no idea why I left it on my bookshelf. I never really had the intention to read it but I just never found myself willing to throw it out. So I finally opened the book and read the first half in one afternoon, just devouring the information.

The next step in God's treasure hunt was given to me over Thanksgiving while staying in my parents guest room. I noticed a book on their book shelf that attracted my eye. I didn't have any idea what it was about and I am really not a reader anymore. As much as I love it, I feel like I only have time to listen to books while I drive and do chores. But regardless, I took the book off the shelf and to my surprise, it mentioned the very subject I had been drawn to learn about. I put it back on the shelf, telling myself there was no way I'd have time to read it over the holidays. I turned and walked away, but then thought about my upcoming hernia surgery. I guess I would have some down time. So I grabbed the book and asked my parents if I could borrow it. Three weeks later, the book was sitting on our coffee table when some friends came over for a holiday visit. One friend exclaimed, "Oh! You're reading that book? It's so good!" and we had a quick conversation about some of the things I had read in the first few chapters. I asked a question about the information and she then shared a video on the subject. It was a 5 hour video! So after a week of watching it over chores...cause that's what moms do...I finally reached the end. My mind was blown at what I learned. I made many inferences based on what the video introduced, and I felt like much of the learning I had was through the Holy Ghost. After these 3 finds that felt like little pieces of manna from God on the trail to understanding, I was reading my journal during my miracle morning time, and came across the very question where I asked God if I could learn more about this particular subject.... written back in May! 5 months earlier. I was shocked because I truly did not remember I had asked that and prayed to know more. I just moved on with life, and other questions in my journal just buried that one. But God did not forget. He answered my prayer. And blew my mind with the answer. Maybe some day I'll share the specifics of the subject matter, but for now, just the way God led me along and gave me all the pieces in order is a testament to me that His hand is VERY apparent in the lives of those who ASK. And to top it all off, I had a friend who is a lifetime student of the gospel and scriptures, confirm to me just after I finished the last piece of information, that what I learned was truth, as He had also been through similar learning over his years of study and faith. This meant so much to me and I know it was God's final piece to the puzzle, as I had not been able to confirm the truths I had learned in the scriptures or any other "trusted" people or places to that point, other than what the authors and video creator had offered, and what the Holy Ghost had whispered to me. God is good. He wants us to learn and understand the mysteries of His Kingdom. All we have to do is ask.

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