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Updated: Sep 13, 2021

My overarching message to the world is that we each have a mission and a purpose and I encourage people to connect with God to find out what that is so that you can live your life working to accomplish it.

We need to be eating healthy and keep our bodies in good shape because it is often how we can carry out our responsibilities for these missions. I have also found that when I am eating to honor my body, my connection to God and my own spirit, are noticeably improved.

Sadly, what I know and do, don't always line up... especially when the kids come home from school and get the Sour Cream and Onion potato chips out and smother them with cottage cheese. It's my favorite snack. I can't help myself! Or when it's just a perfect, sunny day and I have to sit out on the porch with a Creamie.

Yes, I should allow for those pleasures once in a while, but over the past year- I've indulged quite a lot more than once in a while, and it came with a consequence. All of my summer clothes were a lot tighter than they were the year before! I had to do a dance to get into my shorts.

It's not completely my fault, mind you. I blame a large part on my slowing metabolism, which just seemed to stop being on my team when I turned 43. I never had to worry about what I ate or managing my weight before then.

When it comes to changing eating habits, It's easy to get stuck.

Training our brain to leave the old foods and get used to the new healthier foods can be such a challenge! But I believe it will absolutely be worth it!


I found a metabolism boost program on a YouTube ad a few weeks ago and was gung ho! I went grocery shopping and gathered all the fruits and veggies for the first week.

I started into it and followed every recipe precisely. I was so surprised at how many fruits and vegetables I had to eat to get enough calories 🍇🥕🍉🥒🍎

But mostly, I was dismayed at the amount of time I had to spend in my kitchen chopping and preparing food. It seemed like all day. I'm so used to the convenience of the American diet.

Because I and a few family members came down with the dreaded Covid, I lost all motivation to continue with the program. I didn't want salads, I wanted chicken noodle soup! So I fell off the bandwagon.


A couple of weeks later though, everything changed! I was well again, and just as if it was meant to be, the

fell into my lap! Absolute perfect timing! And it's the best system I have EVER seen!

(click button to learn more) It promises to help with all of my areas of concern:

  • Enables healthy inflammatory response

  • Promotes circulation

  • Optimizes digestion

  • Supports collagen resilience

  • Naturally balances blood sugar ⤵

A little glimpse into how the reset works...


Participants get...

  • coaching from famous nutrition and fitness coach, Mark McDonald

  • NITRO NATION: Support from an exciting community of likeminded people

  • online workouts

  • delicious meal plans

  • convenient and tasty supplement options to fill in the gaps

This last one ⬆ is the one I am most excited about! Convenience is what busy moms like myself are looking for. THIS is the reason many of us struggle to stay on a healthy diet. I'm going to have to make a huge shift in my mindset to first reset my metabolism, and then get into healthier eating habits as a lifestyle change, but I am mentally ready to make that change. I see the benefits and they far outweigh the costs.

Join the Nitro Nutrition movement, lets give our bodies what they need to do the work we feel led to do, and live purpose-filled lives.

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