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In my WHAT IS THE PURPOSE AND GOAL OF THIS JOURNEY TO BECOME BLOG? post, podcast and video, I introduced myself and let you in on the purpose of letting my voice be heard here, even though it’s new to me and really uncomfortable. 😬 But that's how growth is right?

I’m kind of a keep to myself kind of girl who would rather talk about the other person than myself. As a recap, I’ve had my own personal growth journey over the past couple of years and I have a deep desire to help you and others either get on the path or continue on the path to becoming your best self in whatever area of your life you’re currently working on.

I promised in the above mentioned post, I’d go into how I learned to dream big and became so confident that I will eventually accomplish my big goals. It is definitely an effect of learning a new way of thinking. I have been blessed to have this come through a few KEY circumstances and people that have come into my life.

This is my story:

In early May 2018, just 2 months after our family had moved into a new neighborhood on the other side of the same city, I said a very heartfelt prayer asking God what I should do with my time now that the kids would all be in school all day the following school year. I had some ideas floating around and had even been applying for part time teaching positions. The more I thought about that, the more overwhelmed I felt. Teaching is so time consuming, with so much work being brought home for the first few years and I just wasn’t looking forward to making that kind of lifestyle commitment. Well soon after that prayer- within hours, I was invited by a new friend in my neighborhood, to come see something at her house that night. There’s a backstory here though that I’m going to hurry and insert.

Back in my old neighborhood, I became friends with Sarah through a church assignment. Through stories and experiences involving her family that she would share with me when I would visit with her- I actually felt kind of a pull to get to know Sarah’s family better even before I had met any of them. Soon after, I had the opportunity to have a coaching session with her sister, who was renting temporarily nearby. When Sarah moved away from that neighborhood, We kept in contact over the 1 ½ years period before we ended up moving. Driving up to our new home after we had closed and were about to move in, we saw someone who looked like Sarah’s sister. I texted Sarah and asked “Where did your sister move to?” She confirmed that she indeed lived here in our new neighborhood. Later at church for the first time, we learned that their oldest sister also lived in the neighborhood. It was this sister who invited me to her home.

When I got there, I realized it was going to be a presentation. As I watched the overview of the project being laid out before me, I felt the Holy Ghost strongly testify that what I was seeing was good and beautiful. It was related to health, wellness and charity and was different than anything I’d previously seen.

The charity was what really caught my attention! I learned that the founders were 3 incredible families who led mission trips to various countries, feeding hungry children and helping communities with infrastructure. They’d go in and help build schools, dig wells, and set up and sponsor secondary education programs. I’ve always wanted to do a service mission! And am extremely excited to serve a mission for my church with my husband, Cody. But all that seems way in my future after retirement. In my mind’s eye, I could see this opportunity could give me and my family experiences like that sooner! Hmm it was something to consider...

When I learned the founders don’t even take money from it, I was blown away! The entire company is their charity!

The founders have said,


That speaks to me. Too many families live paycheck to paycheck. Too many people in the world live in poverty. This life is not about working ourselves to death to just barely scrape by and have no time or energy left to give to our families and others, to have no time or energy left to devote to our passions.

Another one of our founder’s quotes encompasses the project I sat learning about in my friend's living room. He said,

These founders are incredible, good people who want to impact others' lives!

After the presentation I chatted with the two ladies who had presented. They had such wonderful qualities. They were confident, happy, excited, full of life but most of all, I noticed from one of the women as she talked to me, that I could actually almost tangibly feel her love flowing out to me, a person she had just met. What a neat person!

Over the next 2 days I kept thinking,

“If nothing else, I just want to surround myself with people like these women.”

And after doing some research I decided to take a leap of faith and partner with this incredible company and charity.

It has been the most incredible growth and learning experience of my life.

About 5 days after my business launch, as I was ironing, and had just finished listening to one of our team’s training calls, I was thinking on how much I love this company and products, and how some people I had talked to weren’t even open minded enough to see an overview. I thought “how can they say no to something they have no information on- something I know will bless their life now or later or in some way or another, something that has already blessed countless other lives. They have no idea what they’re missing!” After this thought, I had a very distinct visual and almost a voice which showed or told me that “Sharing this product and opportunity is like sharing the gospel. You have something so good and you know it would be good for them but many won’t look. You just find the people who are ready. This is giving you good practice as a missionary, and is the vehicle I have provided to pay for your mission.” This was very much a revelation from God, the most direct one I’ve ever received.

As part of my business training, I have read many books helping me understand the potential I have and the power of the way that I think. I have immersed myself in my business. I love it with every fiber of my being!! I learned how the woman I met, who is now my mentor, radiates love. She has such an amazing relationship with God. She is full of charity. She prays for each of us partners.

A second mentor is a powerful teacher and motivator and is so obedient to just about every piece of inspiration she receives. Together, they lead our team in truth and light and love. I have never felt the constant presence of the Holy Ghost in my life so strong as I have since May of 2018, being involved with this work.

It is the work of healing through good nutrition, of helping people make positive lifestyle changes and, in many cases, helping people avoid the unnecessary side effects of pharmaceuticals, this work of learning our true potential and power, coupled with the power of God, This work of reaching out to people in love and caring for their well being, of reconnecting and keeping relationships strong, of continuous ministering. It is unreal that a business with these qualities and feelings it brings on exists and I am so overjoyed to have found it!

I know with consistent, positive effort and keeping my heart full of charity and gratitude, I will have MASSIVE success through this vehicle. I am excited to continue to allow God to use me as a tool to bless the lives of His children. He has already changed me and continues to help me develop into the person I hope to become. I am confident this was placed in my path by Him and no matter how hard some days feel, He will give me the strength to push onward and meet my goals.

As I look back I am aware that my desire to get to know my friend Sarah’s family was placed and facilitated by circumstances that could have only been placed in my life by God, in order to bring this growth and development into my life.

I want to be clear, this Journey to Become blog isn't about the company I am partnered with. The resources are pointed towards the growth mindset I have developed because of the people with whom I have surrounded myself and the actions I have pushed myself to take. Because like one of our founders also said,

The journey I am inviting you to join me on in Journey to Become will be filled with stories, information and interviews on the topics of growth mindset, personal development and goal setting and achievement.

I want to point out that I didn’t know how to dream big until I chose to ride in a vehicle that had the potential to help me achieve bigger goals and dreams. My business is this vehicle. Some of you reading may already be in a vehicle that can do that for you. If so, that’s great! Lets get to work!

Some of you may not have a vehicle. Maybe at this point you’re still working the daily grind trying to figure out how to get ahead. If you’re actively looking to make a positive change in your life or to level up, from experience and seeing many others’ experiences, I can say that it helps to get into the right vehicle. One that gives you the chance to open your mind to who you are, who you can become and what you can achieve in this life, and to dream big.

Until next time, Find Joy in the Journey and hold on to that vision of who you are to become.

⁕To learn more about the particular vehicle I mentioned, please feel free to reach out by email info@myjourneytobecome or go to the "healthy" section of this site-

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