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  • Elisa Brazell


We got a late start on our first night traveling to Escalante UT to accomplish my long-awaited bucket list item,

Hike Picaboo and Spooky slot canyons ✅

As we passed Calf Creek Campground after learning they didn’t have trailer spots, We drove on 40 minutes past our planned arrival spot and time, and finally found a spot to park the trailer on the dusty Hole in the Rock road for the night.

As we parked and prepared to go into the trailer, I heard the sound of flowing water coming from inside the trailer. 😟

I quickly opened the door to find that water was flowing onto the counter and flooding the whole trailer kitchen floor. Dad had left the pump on while traveling. 😬

This is at 10:30 PM mind you.

~When we should be sleeping, preparing for our 5:30 AM planned wake time to beat the heat on our first planned hike, Calf Creek Falls, (which we actually swapped for Picaboo and Spooky now that we were closer to those.) ~

So we mopped up the water and turned the carpet rug up to dry. And were now without running water in our trailer in the middle of the vast, desolate Escalante desert.

At least we had a sparkling clean floor for the camping mat we had to throw down to make space for all sleepers. Always practice finding gratitude in everything. 😉 And luckily, we had our pre-filled water bladders for the 1st hike so we were fine with drinking water.

In our bedtime prayer, I had the thought to thank God for the water challenge and the growth we know comes from challenges.

The next morning we left early in the truck for a continued 40-minute drive down a VERY bumpy washboard dirt road and hiked the two most incredible slot canyons: Picaboo and Spooky.

Later that day, we called ahead for availability in the Escalante campground with the petrified forest trail and learned that they had only overflow parking with no shade. But we decided to move there to fill up the water at their nearby dump station.

We took 20 minutes to dump the grey and black water and refill the 35 gallons of potable water which had all leaked out.

When we pulled into the campground, they informed us that they had had a single cancellation and one of their best sites with a great Lake view and shade trees came available just minutes before. The guy told us we were very lucky and gave us our campsite.

If we hadn’t had the water and flood mishap, the timing may not have been just absolutely perfect for us to pull in and grab that site while it was available.

Because of that, We were able to

  • hike to the Petrified Forest from our site, -have a campfire in the most beautiful setting,

  • sleep with just screens, hearing the sound of crickets and birds throughout the night, and

  • wake up to one of the most beautiful mornings I have experienced surrounded by a lake, mountains, colorful cliffs and cottonwood trees, and the sound of crickets and birds.

When you believe in miracles and actively look for them in your life, you find they are all around you!

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