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  • Elisa Brazell


This book!!


It encompasses the way I have been trying to live my life:

  • -Slowing down and learning life’s little lessons in the small things.

  • Seeing God’s hand in everything.

  • Feeling gratitude for the world around me. Down to the tiniest details.

✨ 💫 🌟

The story of how it was meant to be mine:

I am an aide for a Waldorf Kindergarten. The teacher, Mrs Jo is a master teacher who is ~living her purpose~ of shaping young children’s lives through whole-child education.

I saw this book laying on a table in our room, opened it up and was blown away at the beauty of the illustrations and scientific content available to a reader - young or old who might be interested in learning about nature and the workings of the world.

Immediately, I knew I HAD to own this book. I mentioned to Mrs Jo in passing, “I’m going to to take a picture of this book’s cover. I’ve got to buy it.”

She responded “Oh! I have two copies! Please take one of mine! I bought it and then someone gave one to me as a gift.”

And then with a twinkle in her eye, “I thought of you when I bought it”

I responded, “Ha ha 😄 before you knew me”

But you know what? That’s how God works things like this out!

What if she really was #inspired to buy it for that very moment of being able to place such a gift into my hands?

Thank you Jo and thank you Rachel Williams and Freya Hartas for this work of art that speaks to my soul!




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