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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

When I put out this last blog post and content on social media, "Do you Have the Kind of Faith that Moves Mountains?" someone responded,

"Sometimes the mountains don't move."  

"I wonder what she might be referring to?", I asked myself.

Immediately, my heart went out to her. I thought she must be struggling with a hefty trial or know someone who is.

I responded,

 "The power of hope and belief that they can [move] is what can turn your story into one of those countless miracle stories. Because of my involvement in this content area, I am surrounded by people who are sharing miracles all the time. My belief in the ability for mountains to move in our lives, when God deems the timing to be right, after the lessons from that mountain have been learned, is extremely high."

My response shows I fully believe that every mountain can move.

I also hold strong to this verse in Philippians 4:13:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

A few days after sharing my perspective, a person came into my life through providence I'm sure, with whom I had a long conversation. After telling me about a health problem that had developed in her life, we got on the present subject, on which both of us shared our thoughts about how to rectify our level of faith and the scriptures that tell us that our faith can move mountains, with what God's will might be for our lives.

What about the mountains that don't move?

Is it because that person doesn't have the faith to move them?

This wonderful new friend of mine pointed out that

"Some people are meant to bear their trials throughout their whole lives."

"Even when they've learned everything they can learn from the trial?"

"Yes, because sometimes the trials they bear are for someone else's benefit. They are giving another person the chance to grow from supporting another.

One person's ~mountain that doesn't move~ may be facilitating another's ability to learn to become more pure.

What mountains don't move?

Could that commenter have been thinking of people who are born with a disability, such as Down's Syndrome or missing a limb? Or their caregivers?

I want to explore the idea that "some mountains don't move" more.

She may be right that what we perceive as mountains for other people may not move but I'm sure you've known someone or seen inspiring stories where someone has overcome great obstacles.

Every person with Down's Syndrome who I can think of has been a jolly, happy soul. The guy last week working as a welcomer at Texas Roadhouse was cracking jokes at my 10 year old son and made all of us laugh. I'm sure over the years, his Down's syndrome has limited him, and possibly removed some potential opportunities had he not been born with it, but is it still a mountain for him?

Has he learned to live a fulfilling life and fill the measure of his creation? Maybe.

What if he doesn't consider Down's Syndrome to be a mountain?

What if he's developed the muscle to scale that mountain?

What about someone who was born without a limb? Well I bet like me, you immediately started thinking, "Surely they can't grow one... but of course there's the wonderful invention of prosthetics." We've seen the Paralympics and how some people have turned their weakness into their greatest strength.

Nick Vujicic was born missing all four of his limbs. If you haven't seen him or heard how he "moved" or scaled that very tall mountain, watch here:

The title of the message I've been giving is "Transforming walls into doors" - Nick Vujicic

"Today, I still have no arms or legs, but everything's changed. Everything." - Nick Vujicic
"I know that every day my choices will affect this life, other people's lives, and my eternal life. You've got to come to the truth of knowing who you are and why you're here" - Nick Vujicic

When you hear Nick talk, you know without a doubt his having no arms or legs is NOT a mountain for him anymore. He overcame it. He moved it. And he did it through faith.

Image credit: (photo links to it)

So can we agree that Jesus was not lying when he said through faith and belief, we could move ANY mountain in our life?

We just need to be clear about what moving a mountain looks like.

Yes there are some things we may have to face our whole mortal lives. Or as a caretaker, we may have to help someone else face really hard things. But as Nick has proved, and so many others, those obstacles do not have to remain obstacles.

Though we may not be made perfect in this life, and sometimes the physical or outward remnants of what used to be a mountain to us may remain, we do have the ability to move ANY mountain that may be blocking our path by gaining the muscle to scale it and put it far behind us, or bulldozing it with the power of our faith. Possibly even flinging it into the ocean if needs be.

God is good. The grace of Jesus Christ is beautiful. We can overcome all things through their power.

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