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I recently saw a post a friend had shared on her social media story. It was a picture of a paper hung in a window of a building. It read,

When I saw that post, something inside me became very determined to more actively and thoughtfully spread love and goodness to the world. But especially throughout my ailing, divided country, the UNITED states of America.

Love is the answer to solving differences between individuals, groups of people, even political parties.

Love is the softening agent to healing relationships with estranged family or friends.

Love is the key to the -far out there- idea of world peace.

I have seen posts in my community social media pages of joyous recipients finding bouquets of flowers with an uplifting note on street corners, pathways, grocery carts etc, for someone to find. These acts of spreading love are worth the small amount of thought, time and effort they take. They could leave a lasting impression on someone's mind and life forever.

I, myself have come across a painted rock with a lovely message on a trail in Glacier National Park.

I felt inspired to create some handouts of the above note. I plan to print, cut and leave little cards and a small token like one of the aforementioned ideas around my community where people can see it and hopefully feel the love; spread the love; pay it forward.

This free downloadable printable will be in the downloads section of this site, the access for which, will be sent in an email upon subscribing.

I hope you can feel the love through this Journey to Become blog and site! 😍

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