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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

~How the inputs we allow into our lives on our conveyor belt of life affect our outputs~

Life is like a conveyor belt.

We have certain inputs that produce certain outputs. In fact, each of us are the output of everything we input. Input can be defined as anything that we take in - information from books or news, media or other people, even our own thoughts are input. Our output is defined as what we produce or show-our actions, our choices. For example, if my input is to allow myself to eat cookies every single day, my output will most likely be poor dental health and my body might start to hang on to some extra pounds if they’re putting me over my target calorie range, and the excess sugar will probably contribute to a lowered immune system. If my input is to eat nuts, seeds, proteins and veggies as the majority of my diet, my output will most likely be a lean body with plenty of energy.

Example - - - >

Warren Buffet’s input was influenced by his parents teaching him financial and business principles from a young age. While other 5 year olds were playing hopscotch and jacks, he was buying 6 packs of soda at his grandpa’s grocery store for 25 cents and selling them for a nickel each. His output now is that he is worth more than $8.2 billion and understands investing better than anyone else.

I learned this conveyor belt visual from someone more than ½ my age. Someone who was also

influenced by parents who chose input that led them to success, who then taught their son from a young age, sound principles regarding mindset, business and life in general.

18 year old millionaire Caleb Maddix started changing his input around age 9 by reading books that improved his mindset. His dad helped by paying him $20 for every book of this type he would read and do a report on. His young life was impacted by books such as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and “As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. In one of his You Tube videos, Caleb shared the 3 things that he attributes to being able to become a millionaire by age 16.

  1. He has amazing parents

  2. His parents set him up with coaching from a young age

  3. Personal development

I started into my personal development journey about 3 years ago. I started really being aware of the input I was allowing into my life and my mind about 2 years ago, which happened to be the time I brought coaches and mentors into my life. Since this time, I have made huge changes in the way I think.

I fully believe our lives are created by our thoughts and beliefs. Those are influenced by our inputs and they will determine our output- what we’re able to accomplish in this life.  

Because of this, I am very motivated to help my kids start having the kind of input Caleb had, so they can become the great individuals they have the potential to become, and make a positive impact on the world. I feel I have a head start seeing as we’ve got number 1 covered. 😉

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