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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Are you working towards a goal? Or several goals? Thinking the journey ahead looks long and cumbersome? Or maybe you're looking to level up and start living your life in a way that feels more meaningful. The Journey to Become blog will encourage a growth mindset as you set goals and work to achieve them and move past things that hold you back- fear, anxiety, depression or mental, subconscious blocks, giving you the best mindset and personal development you need to reach your goals!

Hi! I’m Elisa Brazell

I’m a mom to 4 kids 7 to almost 17. I love the ups and downs of parenting. So much personal growth to be had. I’m an elementary teacher turned guitar instructor. I opted for working from home so I could be a stay at home mom while raising my kids. It has been incredible to create my own work schedule over the past 12 years. I love teaching others to play guitar and I very much prefer one on one instruction over classroom instruction.

I’m married to Cody, not only an awesome dad and husband but also the best handyman and jack of all trades in the world. He’s a Landscape Architect and a perfectionist. His design skills are next to none, so you can imagine the potential of our half acre landscape. We started last year from a blank slate of dirt and all varieties of desert weeds, including tumbleweed and sagebrush. His master plan is about 20% finished and we’ve run the money well dry. So here’s to accomplishing the next phase of landscaping goals!

Some of my passions include gardening and hiking- I don’t get to do that nearly enough because 3 out of 4 of my kids despise that hobby.) We live in the outskirts of Salt Lake City Utah in kind of a high desert area and though we have some great lake and valley views from the hill tops, the kind of hiking I enjoy, of following a trail through aspens, is a minimum of a 45 min drive for me so I just don’t get to live out my passion as much as I’d love to.

But I’ve just about finished my dream garden! It’s a Pinterest success! I got my original design from a picture I found on Pinterest of an English style garden with geometric garden bed shapes and pathways and changed it to suit my creative desires and I’m really happy with it!

So I’ve been enjoying gardening throughout the pandemic social distancing, along with several other intense yard projects. Cody finished building a 700 Square foot paver patio with a waterfall and firepit. Plus he built a duck enclosure for our 14 year old daughter’s Easter ducklings. So needless to say, its been a very busy spring. So that’s a little background about me and my family.

Most people who decide to start a business, podcast or a YouTube channel seem to have become a hero or a guru in a certain area. Maybe they lost 100 pounds and have changed to a completely different lifestyle.

Or maybe, like my old neighbor and son’s drum teacher they have been building an online business and became millionaires seemingly overnight I didn’t see that one coming! Or maybe they have a vast knowledge of a historical event or people, like my friend Clint. I don’t feel like I fit into the hero or guru category. I’m just like any other regular person in the world. There are a few things I’m good at, but a lot of things I’m not. I’m learning about many things but am just feeling like a mid- journey kinda girl.

So why am I starting Journey to Become?

Well, mostly because I’m feeling led to support others who are mid- journey like myself, or pre-journey like I was a few years ago. So if that’s you, I know how long and hard you may have been working at some of your goals. I know the feeling of wondering if you have what it takes to ever achieve them, or if it’s really worth it to push on? I know the struggle of wanting so badly to pay for a coach so you can be guided to your end goal but not having enough money to do that, because of course being able to increase your income is probably in the same unaccomplished category as the goal you need a coach for. I’ve experienced these same feelings.

But after diving in deep to personal development, attracting life coaches into my life and surrounding myself with others who are working on achieving big goals, I have come to a place that I HAVE absolutely NO doubt in my mind that I will achieve the goals I have set for myself. It took me two years to develop the belief in myself that I know will eventually bring the future I have been dreaming of for myself and my family.

And I’ve got big

> retiring my husband early so we can serve a mission for our church when our youngest does the same.

> And even before that, I dream of having the opportunity to take my family on humanitarian trips so our children can see other cultures and learn to love and serve others around the world.

> I dream of being able to help our children with college tuition, cars, and life experiences.

> I visualize our basement being finished with a fireplace, making it a cozy place to gather with friends and family, and to have a guest bedroom that we could use for another exchange student.

> And I see in my mind’s eye, my husband’s yard design finished so we can host weed- free neighborhood gatherings with my guitar students providing music for my neighbors on the patio.

> And, I visualize my husband and I walking the coast of New Zealand and floating in the glow worm caves and marveling over Hobbiton, or hiking the trail to Machu Pichu in Peru.

Gratitude is paramount

Don’t get me wrong though, with all this dreaming, I am careful to be and feel grateful for the things and blessings I have right now. That’s part of the process of creating more. I try to back things up with God’s word because it’s important to me to be on the same page with Him. About gratitude, he said, “And he who recieveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more. D&C 78:19

What goals do you see for yourself?

Through the understanding I now have, again, I KNOW I will see these goals come to fruition. It’s not a matter of “if”, its a matter of “when”.

I wasn’t always this confident though. But that story is for another post.

I'm kind of hesitant as I step foot out into the world with my first business venture because I'm no hero or guru...YET. I’m looking forward to the day I can look back and compare and see all the improvement I’ve made over the years.

This is basically me documenting a journey to become the person I hope to become someday and I’ll never move forward if I don’t take the scary, uncomfortable first step. The same is for you and your goals. So I hope you’ll join me on this journey as well. Let’s make all our scary first steps together.

Until next time,

Find Joy in the Journey!

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