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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle" - Albert Einstein

I have set a goal to walk most mornings as long as the weather allows. It has been below 20 degrees each morning this week, but because I know the benefits walking brings into my life, I have still been bundling up and getting out there. The frost on the rooftops almost persuaded me otherwise this frigid morning, but my pup, Louie’s sad eyes as he stood by the door hoping I’d take him out, melted my heart and he became the reason I’d get out.

As I often do on my morning walks, I asked Jesus to walk with me and we were having a conversation (in my mind 💭...) about a monthly neighborhood event He and I set up together. Because attendance at this event I had spent hours of many days organizing, had been fairly low, I was thinking about whether my efforts to brighten the world and make it a better place were actually making a difference for people?

In my mind.... or in the spirit world... (I'm excited to find out how that communication actually works) Jesus assured me with a hand on my back “Yes Elisa, our efforts have and will continue to pay off in ways you won’t always see. Your efforts and desire to build a beautiful world around you are fruitful.”

Literally one minute after that thought came ran through my head, I crossed paths with a friend from a far part of the neighborhood on her morning jog. I hadn’t seen her since a 12 week anxiety and depression course that I hosted years ago. She met my dog and we exchanged some words about what a great sunny day it was to be out and how nice it was to see each other again, and then we were on our ways heading in opposite directions.

As an afterthought, she then turned around and said "I should tell you, that course you hosted was a life changer for me and has snowballed into so many good things."

I told her "Thank you for sharing that! That makes me so happy!" And then sent her a message later setting up a time she could share how it snowballed and how her life is better on a morning walk together 😊 I can't wait to hear her story!

What a tender mercy from Jesus, to show me that right after I wondered.

God is SO GOOD.


When we intentionally seek them, we will see that TRUTH.

I invite you to create a miracle sheet with me as I am starting this week: On the sheet write: "That was a miracle" and record all the little happenstances; all the things that came to be as a consequence to a quick inspired thought you had; all the "coincidences".

I'd love to hear some of yours. Feel free to include them in the comments.

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